Homeopathy and Eczema in Children

Homeopathy and Eczema in Children

When it comes to your child’s health, a recent German study reports that there is no  shows that there is no benefit to using conventional prescription drugs over homeopathic eczema remedies.  In fact, the study, which appeared in a peer-reviewed journal reported that homeopathic treatments showed better results without the negative side effects of dangerous products such as steroids.

The article, which appeared in the medical journal “Complementary Therapies in Medicine”, documents a study conducted over the course of one year on a number of 16 year-old children with eczema.  The children treated homeopathically for their eczema had better results than those subjected to steroids and, interestingly, the study also discovered that children with the worst eczema conditions at the start of the study had, relatively speaking, improved to an even greater degree using the homeopathic treatments.

The study included both rural and urban kids and focused on both the doctors’ and patients’ assessment of the improvement in their condition following treatment.  When the physician’s involved in the study looked at the results, they determined a 91% improvement using homeopathic remedies as opposed to a 75% improvement using conventional medicine.

So, all of this begs the question – Why would a parent choose strong prescription drugs with potentially harmful, long-term side effects when there is a safe option?  When you consider the fact that homeopathically treated children respond better than those subjected to steroids and other medicines, it seems almost inconceivable that children are put at risk through conventional eczema treatments.

Homeopathy and Eczema in Children – Study Implications

When considering the implications of the study, the most significant and obvious point is that because the results of conventional eczema treatments do not provide a better outcome than homeopathy and, in fact, subject children to harmful side effects, there is no justiciation for using them.  This point is driven home when you consider the extensive list of possible side effects of corticosteriods which include, among many others, gastric problems including appetite increase, ulcers and weight gain,heart and cirulatory issues like heart failure and hypertension, mental and emotional disorders including depression, hallucinations and paranoia, neurological problems, skin conditions and even issues with eyes and bones.

The reason for these side effects is fairly simple.  The purpose of hormones in the body is to regulate its various systems.  When too much or too little of a particular hormone exists inside your body, imbalances result.

The intended effect of prescription steroid medicine is anti-inflammation which can supress many symptoms of eczema such as swelling and pain.  However, these harsh medicines have other unintended consequences and upset the body’s natural balance by flooding it with hormones.

The lesson that we can take from this study is that people should very seriously consider natural, homeopathic treatments for their children before subjecting them to the potentially harmful and life-altering effects of prescription eczema treatments.

If you are interested in learning more about a complete, holistic and systematic approach to curing your child’s eczema, I would recommend that you check out the book Eczema Free Forever.  You can see my review of it in my article on Homeopathy and Eczema.

- Theresa
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